Innovative sunshades inspired by nature

IPOMEA crafts superior sunshades and large umbrellas, blending innovative designs with high-tech materials. Proudly made in Germany, our award-winning products redefine outdoor spaces for gastronomy, hospitality, and architectural applications.

Sunshades ipomea

Designed by architects

Parasols for the hospitality industry, hotel industry and private sector

Explore our range of parasols designed specifically for gastronomy and hospitality, as well as terraces and gardens. Enhance your restaurant, bar, café, or hotel’s outdoor space with our gastro umbrellas or large umbrellas. Our selection offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications.


IPOMEA prisma design screen

With prisma we present you an extravagant, angular parasol, which is particularly suitable for creating areas with unusual design requirements. The prisma parasol looks especially exciting in addition with other models of its kin.


IPOMEA tulip funnel shade

A tulip umbrella, with award-winning design meets the technology of a mature large umbrella. Popular as a gastro umbrella or as a canopy for large areas and squares, the tulip is a milestone of modern development in the outdoor sector.


IPOMEA classic parasol

A solid perennial favorite among parasols. Tried and tested for years, reliable and maintenance-free, our classic parasol meets every challenge in its familiar form. Used in the hospitality industry or as a private parasol, it is still one of the most sought-after products in its field.

Parasols for events

Our parasol products are specifically designed for the event industry, emphasizing flexibility, portability, durability, and customization options through unique, media-friendly accessories.

ipomea-simplex II

IPOMEA simplex II modular event screen

The modular event umbrella simplex II can be linked together by means of specially developed connecting elements. ​ With this parasol, you can easily cover large areas or areas and create a cohesive, weatherproof canopy.


IPOMEA prisma modular event screen

Prisma is a lightly built design sunshade for the event area, which can be easily opened and closed with a pulley. Its proprietary connection system allows multiple units to be joined together to create a rainproof roof.

ipomea-simplex I

IPOMEA simplex I promotional umbrella

An unprecedented advertising umbrella for promotional purposes! ​The first 4x4m umbrella of its kind that fits into a small rolling bag when completely disassembled. For assembly, it is simply plugged together like a tent (approx. 5 minutes)

Textile architecture and roofing solutions

Another division at IPOMEA focuses on “textile roofing systems.” Our selection of sun sails and roller sails is ideal for weatherproof coverage of expansive areas. We also provide specialized products in textile architecture and membrane construction. Tailored solutions are available for nearly any requirement upon request.


IPOMEA manta awnings & furling sails

With a manta awning you can cover large areas without supports and without barriers. We design and manufacture the sails to measure according to your needs. Choose between the options rollable, tightly tensioned, waterproof, windproof and more.

IPOMEA pro Exclusive luxury umbrella

IPOMEA pro exclusive luxury umbrella

Conceived as an architectural building block, this particularly exclusive shade represents a system that can blossom out of and retract into its own protective envelope. The principle offers significant advantages in terms of protection of the fabric from external agents, the design and the lighting of the screen.


IPOMEA planning textile architecture

We as architects are specialized in the development, planning and production of special architectural tasks. Get our expert support for textile roofing projects that require special attention. We will find a solution for your request!