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Parasols & Outdoor Umbrellas

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the ideal shading solution for your outdoor area, customized to tackle both heat and rain. With over two decades of experience, we have supplied over 10,000 parasols and successfully executed 1,000 projects.

Timeless Design For Day & Night Time

Our products include giant umbrellas, beach and pool parasols, gazebos and outdoor furniture. They are created for professional use and are ideal for hotel and luxury housing businesses.

Tropical Outdoor Umbrella

Viroumbrella: Sustainable tropical charm with synthetic thatch. Choose from Bali, Java, Reed, or Mexican leaves.

Inspired By Nature

IPOMEA® based in Munich are experts in the manufacture of textile roofing in the fields of architecture, gastronomy, and the hotel industry.

Find The Perfect Parasol

Woodline Shade Solutions has been manufacturing world-class parasols for the past 30 years. The finest outdoor fabrics are sourced from top quality suppliers.

Find The Perfect Parasol

MAY has been a proud producer of high-quality parasols Made in Germany since 1983. May has a wide range of solutions that will suit your needs.

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