Outdoor Innovation

Woodline shade solutions have been manufacturing world-class parasols for the past 30 years. The finest outdoor fabrics sourced from top quality suppliers as well as a full range of indoor display solutions to elevate your brand to a higher level.

Pavone Fold Away Cantilever

This cantilever umbrella makes for more free space. It offers shade without the usual center pole umbrella base taking up the space. This makes the Pavone especially suited for large areas, but also for private use. The umbrella and the shade are held by a high-quality aluminum structure that is rotatable, reclining and retractable using an easy-opening crank handle.

Wind Rating: Light Wind.

Pendulum Cantilever

The Pendulum features 360-degree head-turning rotation, effortless opening and closing with a smooth crank system and a magnificent mix of premium quality stainless steel linkages, anodised aluminium and a eucalyptus hub. The Pendulum is poised at the pinnacle of cantilever parasols. Wind Rating: Moderate Wind.

Papillon Dual Post

The Papillon stands alone as the largest of all Woodline shade solutions and yet this extraordinary shade can easily be extended further by articulating two or more Papillon structures together, either side by side, with the use of an additional gutter to create one continuous awning, or placed end to end extending the shaded area linearly.

Wind Rating: Moderate Wind.