For the Past 20+ Years

With our large range of Parasol Shading and other cutting-edge components, we have emerged as the foremost leaders in the GCC region, offering a wide range of Versatile Shading Solutions.

Versatile Shading Solutions

Versatile offers an extensive range of shading solutions, proudly boasting a collection of over 50 models of parasols, pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor umbrellas. As the premier provider in the GCC region, we remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering a multitude of shading choices to elevate your outdoor landscapes.

Why Choose Us

To turn your vision into a beautiful reality, we engage in collaborative partnerships with your architect, interior designer, and landscape consultant. Leveraging our expertise, we curate ideal parasol solutions that seamlessly align with your envisioned aesthetics and functional requirements.

We do more than just offer parasols; we deliver meticulously customized shading solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Employing a comprehensive approach, we consider factors like weather conditions, wind patterns, and available space to create the optimal shade solutions.

We guide you in choosing the perfect parasol to meet your business demands. Our team of experts are committed to offering tailor-made suggestions rooted in your business prerequisites and preferences.

Customized Excellence

We’ve supplied over 10,000 parasols to over 1,000 delighted clients across seven different countries, backed by over two decades of industry expertise.

Our clientele