In a league of its own…

Wind Rating: Strong Wind.

Application: Patios, restaurants, hotels, poolside loungers… areas that require a large shade solution with a unique modern design.

sky studio-product-view

The SkY is a minimalistic free-floating shade solution that blends a mix of modern high-tech components with classic simplicity of design. The large horizontal canopy is ideal for substantial seating areas requiring unobstructed open space, while two or more may be grouped side-by-side for even bigger environments. With its intelligent use of assisting gears, the SkY is a breeze to open and close and the sturdy stainless steel TIG welded structure is rock-steady, even in strong winds.

sky studio-different-angle

Precision-engineered pivot box

Hard-wearing stainless steel fittings and structure

SkY base, designed for rock-steady stability

Reduction gearbox for easy opening & closing