Exclusive textile architecture

Textile architecture

We make your roofing possible!

Special requirements often require extraordinary solutions. As architects and engineers, we offer you the service of making your vision a reality. We supply tailor-made membrane construction with the highest standards of design and quality.

By developing creative designs and using innovative materials, we are happy to take on any architectural challenge.

Our aim is to set new standards in the lightweight construction and roofing sector.

Our projects include every type of roofing in public and private spaces. Whether a special requirement in the catering, commercial, hotel, urban development or private sectors, we provide creative and individual designs.

With a strong network of specialist engineers and years of experience in membrane construction, we can successfully implement even large-scale international projects.

The implementation of your project:

We also design and develop special solutions in the product area upon customer request. We would be happy to work with you on the implementation of exclusive series productions in the areas of advertising, events, trade fairs and branding. (See also IPOMEA® DESIGN)

Membrane construction

We design, develop and produce


Design & planning

As architects and engineers, we have the expertise to translate special customer requirements or ideas in the field of “textile architecture” into concrete designs.
With professional planning software and appealing visualizations, we develop target-oriented solutions together with you. ​

The customer’s needs are our top priority. Together, we approach the circumstances and ideas in the design process. ​​

This phase is followed by the planning process. It serves to concretize the idea and also contains the basis for a feasibility study. In this context, for example, initial static calculations and estimates can be carried out. ​


The development phase is the most important part of a project. This is where the course is set for the successful completion of a project. The planning is
made more concrete and the details of the execution are specified.

With a strong network in lightweight and membrane construction, there are no limits to our designs.

One guiding principle is always at the forefront: the less material used, with maximum stability, the better!

We love architectural efficiency, and this claim benefits our customers greatly! ​

The development planning is carried out using professional, static calculations and simulations.

Programs such as Formfinder, Rhinoceros and CAD software help us with this. ​

Certified statics can be carried out at any time upon customer request.

In addition, we ensure successful project implementation through precise execution and detailed planning.


We can draw on many years of experience in manufacturing. We have special skills in the field of fabric manufacturing of all kinds. This includes the
professional processing of coated polyester fabrics, PVC fabrics, ETFE membranes and PTFE-coated glass fabrics.

We use manufacturing techniques such as cutting plots, various sewing techniques, high frequency welding

digital printing, transfer printing/sublimation printing, screen printing, if necessary foiling

metal processing such as CNC milling, laser processes, bending processes, HFT welding, punching, rolling

We also have extensive experience in production processes such as deep drawing processes, injection molding, laminating processes

Our production takes place in Germany. Our goods meet the highest quality standards.

We implement special projects either in our own production or with our reliable production partners.