The high-quality classic among the sunshades

Gastro screen

IPOMEA® classic - The large parasol in classic form

The IPOMEA® classic is a pyramid-shaped, classically elegant catering umbrella that is used in many areas.

Our classic parasol range is available in many sizes, square, rectangular or round.

To open and close the parasol, we use either a cable drive or a crank drive.

For professional, demanding use, the parasol can also be equipped with a telescopic lift system, reliable motor control with radio remote control, wind monitor or other accessories such as printing, heating and lighting.

In the large parasol version, the classic parasol is ideal for the catering and hotel industry. This parasol is a solid choice, especially when it comes to efficient, waterproof roofing of large areas such as patios or outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the highest quality materials, workmanship and flexibility in production, we guarantee a high-quality product tailored to your needs.

The unique IPOMEA® classic catering parasols are available in individual sizes from 3×3 meters up to 8×8 meters.

Advantages gastro umbrella

The advantages of our parasol at a glance

High Tech Material 1

High tech material


Telescopic sunshade

Parasol windproof 1

Parasol windproof

Gastro umbrella heater 1

Gastro umbrella heater

Connecting catering umbrellas 1

Connecting catering umbrellas

Gastro umbrella logo 1

Gastro umbrella logo

Parasol lighting 1

Parasol lighting

Parasol side panel 1

Parasol side panel

Parasol cooling 2

Parasol cooling

Gastronomic umbrellas with quality

Construction with german know-how

sonnenschirm-stoff-wasserfest 1

Heavy-duty umbrella fabrics

The fabric selection uses specially developed membranes that are particularly robust, hard-wearing and B1 fire-resistant. Extreme weather conditions or even heavy loads cannot harm the fabric. PTFE fabrics (glass fiber) can also be processed on request.

sonnenschirm-tragarme-alu 1

Hightech material

IPOMEA® Gastro parasols are based on the principle of lightweight construction. This means less mass with the same static function. These properties are achieved through modern material-oriented design and the use of lightweight, modern construction materials. This results in economic and ecological advantages that also reduce costs, among other things.

sonnenschirm-berechnung-statik 1

Static calculations

Thanks to close cooperation with leading structural engineers and  extensive practical tests, the design and materials always meet the highest standards. In addition, IPOMEA® catering umbrellas are tested for continuous loads such as opening and closing or wind and weather loads.

Variable basis

For stable grip in any terrain

bodenhuelse-zum-einbetonieren-scharnier 1

Ground sleeve

By far the best solution for fixing a sunshade. For permanent, stationary use, a ground sleeve can be anchored in the ground using a concrete foundation. This allows the best use of space with maximum stability.

sonnenschirm-plattenstaender-kippscharnier 1

Plate stand

A hot-dip galvanized steel frame with adapter sleeve for the parasol pole. The frame can be filled with up to 40 concrete or stone slabs. A polished stainless steel cover is also available on request.

sonnenschirm-stahl-platten-design 1

Steel plate design

The high-quality, galvanized steel base impresses with its clear lines and minimal height and can be weighted down with any number of additional modules. Each 4 steel modules form a base plate.

sonnenschirm-bodenhuelse-aufduebeln 1

Dowel sleeves

If you want to anchor the classic sunshade to a concrete ceiling or a large paving stone, IPOMEA has the right solution for you.
On request, you can also obtain the matching concrete makers.

sonnenschirm-bodenhuelse-flachdach 1

Flat roof adapter

With the help of professional flat roof adapters, classic sunshades can be easily installed on flat roofs with different roof structures without damaging the building fabric.

sonnenschirm-betonständer-klappscharnier 1

Concrete stand

The most stable mobile solution!
With the help of a solid concrete stand, large parasols can be moved with a forklift truck without the need for a foundation.

Gastro umbrella electric accessories

IPOMEA® sunshades are absolutely unique thanks to their extensions.

gastroschirm-heizung 1

Gastro umbrella Heating

With a professional gastro umbrella heater, you can extend the season of your outdoor area so that you can ensure a pleasant climate even in colder seasons.

sonnenschirm-beleuchtung-farbig-und-weiss 1

Lighting gastro umbrellas

The exclusive LED RGB system enables indirect lighting of the shade. Determine the color of the light by remote control and always create the right atmosphere.

sonnenschirm-motor-mit-fernbedienung 1

Motor for gastro umbrellas

On request, IPOMEA can also supply classic sunshades with a reliable motor drive and remote control. The electric control enables automatic opening and closing of the sunshades.

gastroschirm-windwächter 1

Wind guard Gastro umbrella

When the wind picks up, a wind monitor sends a signal to the motor of your sunshade so that the closing process is initiated automatically. This ensures safety if a sunshade is often left unattended.

gastroschirm-lautsprecher 1

Gastro umbrella Loudspeaker

Our loudspeaker system ensures perfect sound quality, is absolutely suitable for outdoor use and is integrated into an attractive housing on the pole.

gastroschirm-ladestation-handy 1

Charging station for catering umbrellas

Offer your guests greater convenience by being able to charge several smartphones at the same time in a holder on the parasol pole.

Gastro umbrella accessories

IPOMEA® sunshades are absolutely unique thanks to their extensions.

gastroschirm-stoffe 1

Fabrics for restaurant umbrellas

At IPOMEA, you can choose a sunshade fabric in polyester, acrylic or PVC material. Almost all fabric color requirements can be fulfilled in various RAL tones.

gastroschirm-bedruckung 1

Printing parasol

Attract the attention of your customers and design your restaurant umbrella with your individual logo, lettering or pattern. Take advantage of the long-distance effect your umbrellas have on passing guests.

sonnenschirm-lackierung-farben 1

Painting of shade frame

IPOMEA sunshade frames can be painted according to customer requirements. Choose your personal design with glossy and matt lacquers. Special RAL colors and seawater-resistant paint finishes are also possible.

sonnenschirm-seitenwand-gastro 1

Side walls for gastro umbrellas

With side walls, you can create a fully-fledged, enclosed space with a gastronomy parasol that protects users from wind and weather at any time of year. Side walls are simply hooked into the parasol frame.

gastroschirm-regenrinne 1

Rain gutters for gastro umbrellas

By using a rain gutter, parasols can be connected to each other easily and rainproof. The water is simply drained away at the sides of the sunshade and does not run down uncontrolled between the edges of the sunshade.

sonnenschirm-stabilisator-gastro 1

Parasol stabilizers

By using stabilizers, you can make your sunshade extremely wind-resistant. Sunshades can therefore be used all year round. Together with side walls, you can create a stable, enclosed space – similar to a conservatory.