A design umbrella with format

Design parasol IPOMEA prisma

The large umbrella with a special design

With the IPOMEA® prisma, we have developed a special designer parasol with an unmistakable shape.

Its appearance is best described as an inverted pyramid, in which the construction of the shade is cleverly concealed. An elegant shaped metal part connects directly to the lower end of the converging fabric.

A high-quality and shiny pole made of specially anodized aluminium forms a harmonious finish to the product.

Thanks to its clear lines and the use of high-quality materials, this parasol is primarily suitable for upmarket restaurants, but also for architecture and urban development projects.

This sunshade offers special advantages by combining individual modules. The addition results in an efficient, weatherproof and attractive canopy for terraces, squares and much more.

We offer the prisma parasol in different sizes from 4x4m – 6x6m. The parasol is available in round, rectangular and square.

The architectural character of the designer sunshade comes into its own when it is fitted with high-quality IPOMEA sunshade lighting from the inside at night.

In the 4x4m version, the parasol can be operated with a light cable pull. For sizes 5x5m and larger, we recommend equipping the prisma large sunshade with an electric drive.

Just like our other IPOMEA parasols, prisma can be individually printed as a catering parasol and large parasol.

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Advantages prisma gastro umbrella

The advantages of our large umbrella at a glance

High Tech Material 1

High tech material


Stay seated

Parasol windproof 1

Parasol windproof

Prisma heating-IPOMEA-prisma-design-screen

Prisma heating

Connect prism-IPOMEA-prisma-design-screen

Connecting catering umbrellas


Gastro umbrella logo


Parasol lighting

Design advantage-IPOMEA-prisma-design-screen

Design advantage


Parasol cooling

Water drainage-IPOMEA-prisma-design-screen

Water drainage

Air circulation-IPOMEA-prisma-design-screen

Air circulation



Unique possibilities

Sunshades & large umbrellas made to measure

High quality accessories

IPOMEA® sunshades are absolutely unique thanks to their extensions.


At IPOMEA, choose any desired color for your umbrella fabric from all available RAL colors. We can fulfill almost any color request.


The exclusive LED RGB system enables indirect lighting of the shade. Determine the color of the light by remote control and always create the right atmosphere.


On request, IPOMEA can also supply classic sunshades with a reliable motor drive and remote control. The electric control enables automatic opening and closing of the sunshades.


There are no limits to your design: individual color of your choice, company logos, photo motifs or lettering and patterns. We are also happy to develop complete solutions for your event with you.

Wind monitor

On request, you can obtain a wind measuring system that can be mounted on the sunshade or externally, which triggers the exact time to close the system if the wind loads are too high.


Our Bose loudspeaker system ensures perfect sound quality, is absolutely suitable for outdoor use and can be easily hooked into the umbrella frame.


Construction with german know-how

Heavy duty membrane

The fabric selection uses specially developed membranes that are particularly robust, hard-wearing and B1 fire-resistant. Extreme weather conditions or even heavy loads cannot harm the fabric. PTFE fabrics (glass fiber) can also be processed on request.

High tech material

IPOMEA® sunshades follow the principle of lightweight construction. This means less mass with the same state function. These properties are achieved through modern material-oriented design and the use of lightweight, modern construction materials. This results in economic and ecological advantages that also reduce costs.

Static calculations

Thanks to close cooperation with leading structural engineers and extensive practical tests, the design and materials always meet the highest standards. In addition, IPOMEA® umbrellas are tested for continuous loads such as opening and closing or wind and weather loads.

Variable basis

For stable grip in any terrain

Base plate design

The high-quality, powder-coated steel base impresses with its clear lines and minimal height and can be weighted down with any number of additional modules. The modules are crescent-shaped and weigh 30 kg each.

Plate stand

A hot-dip galvanized steel frame with tiltable adapter sleeve for the umbrella pole. The frame can be filled with up to 8 concrete or stone slabs. Additionally, a metal or PVC cover is available upon request.

Ground sleeve

Base optimized for maximum stability. For permanent, stationary use, a ground socket can be anchored in the ground using a concrete foundation. This not only enables invisible fastening, but also maximum stability.