The blooming big screen

Exclusive parasols

The high-end funnel umbrella

With the Pro, IPOMEA GmbH offers probably the highest quality and most innovative umbrella system that the market currently has to offer.

A parasol that blooms like a huge flower and then closes again.

The IPOMEA® pro large umbrella is manufactured individually for each customer in terms of its size and design.

It is specially designed for urban development, the hotel and catering industry, with the highest standards of design, quality and functionality.

A key advantage of this umbrella system is the special opening mechanism. This enables opening and closing processes without affecting its surroundings. At the touch of a button, guests can be protected from external influences such as heat from sunlight or sudden rain showers without having to get up from their seats.

When closed, the umbrella fabric retracts into its own protective cover. When closed, the parasol looks very aesthetic and tidy.

In addition, the closed all-weather umbrella is fully functional lighting! This in turn acts when opened as indirect ambient lighting.

Through the highest quality and flexibility in production, we guarantee a high-end product tailored to your needs.

Due to the special design, this exclusive umbrella model is only available upon request and with sufficient delivery time!


The advantages at a glance

High Tech Material 1

High tech material

No drip edges-ipomea-simplex-II-Modular-event-screen

No drip edges

Parasol windproof 1








Air circulation-ipomea-simplex-II-Modular-event-screen

Parasol lighting

No linkage visible-ipomea-simplex-II-Modular-event-screen

Design advantage


Parasol cooling

Fast construction-ipomea-simplex-II-Modular-event-screen

Water drainage

Easy transport-ipomea-simplex-II-Modular-event-screen

Air circulation



Customize IPOMEA pro

Choose your individual design


Construction with german know-how

Heavy-duty membrane

When selecting the fabric, specially developed membranes are used that are particularly robust, hard-wearing and B1 fireproof. Extreme weather conditions or even heavy use cannot harm the fabric. If desired, PTFE fabric (glass fiber) can also be processed.

High-tech material

IPOMEA® large umbrellas follow the principle of lightweight construction. This means less mass with the same static function. These properties are achieved through modern, material-friendly construction and the use of lightweight, modern building materials. This results in economic and ecological advantages which, among other things, also reduce costs.

Static calculations

Through close collaboration with leading structural engineers and extensive practical tests, the design and materials always meet the highest demands. In addition, IPOMEA® large umbrellas are tested for long-term loads such as opening and closing or wind and weather loads.

High quality accessories

Construction with german know-how


There are no limits to your design: individual desired colors, company logos, photo motifs or fonts and patterns. We would be happy to work with you to develop complete solutions for your event.


The exclusive LED system enables indirect lighting of the umbrella. Use the remote control to determine the color of the light and always create the right atmosphere.


Our Bose speaker system ensures perfect sound quality, is absolutely suitable for outdoor use and can be easily hooked into the umbrella frame.

Variable basis

For stable support on any terrain

Base plate design

The high-quality base made of powder-coated steel impresses with its clear lines and minimal height and can be weighted with any number of additional modules. The modules are crescent-shaped and weigh 30 kg each.

Record stand

A hot-dip galvanized steel frame with a tilting adapter sleeve for the umbrella pole. The frame can be filled with up to 8 concrete or stone slabs. In addition, a metal or PVC cover is available upon request.

Ground sleeve

Base point optimized for maximum stability. For permanent, stationary use, a ground sleeve can be anchored in the ground using a concrete foundation. This not only allows for invisible fastening, but also maximum stability.