IPOMEA® manta the big, rollable sun sail ​

Roll-up sun sail

The largest custom-made roller sails

With our individually made-to-measure sun sails and roller sails you can cover large areas of up to 150m².

We offer our sail constructions either firmly braced, rollable with a crank or electric with a motor.

Thanks to the unique, double curvature, the sun sail achieves enormous stability. This feature enables new dimensions of spans, beyond what was previously possible with conventional sails.

The decisive advantage of an ideally rectangular sun sail is the support-free surface created underneath.

The area under the roller sail can be used 100% without any space restrictions.

This positive effect is often used in the catering and hospitality industries to roof terraces or courtyards.

A rollable sun sail also offers the flexibility to be extended and retracted using a manual or automated drive shaft. High-performance materials, such as those used in high-quality sailing boats, are used.

Our sun sails are designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.

As architects, we implement your wishes in terms of design and planning.

We use professional CAD software and 3D visualizations to find the best solution for your project.

With our team of highly specialized lightweight construction and membrane engineers, our plans are statically calculated, dimensioned and finally transferred to production.

The entire production of our sun sails is carried out with the highest standards of quality, exclusively made in Germany.


Construction with German know-how


A special fabric is used in production that is particularly robust, hard-wearing and fire-resistant (B1). Extreme weather conditions or even heavy use cannot harm the fabric. Specific Fabric versions such as PTFE glass fabric can be realized on request.


So that the IPOMEA® roller sail meets the lightweight construction concept, we use high-quality glass fiber reinforced rod profiles or aluminum profiles (roll axis), which allow enormous bending forces. The articulated supports are made of delicate stainless steel and are tensioned with wire ropes.


Thanks to close cooperation with leading structural engineers, the construction and materials meet the highest European safety standards. Weather developments can also be measured by a wind sensor or wind monitor and, if necessary, trigger the automatic closing of the system.


Adjust the external appearance


There are no limits to your design: company logos, fonts and patterns. We would be happy to work with you to develop printing solutions according to your specifications!

Fabric color

Our standard sail fabric is available in a wide range of colors. All of our fabrics are UV resistant. Special colors can be made to customer requirements or printed over the entire surface.


Die verwendeten Stahlbauteile des Tragsystems, wie beispielsweise Stützen und Beschläge können auf Wunsch in jeder Farbe pulverbeschichtet werden.