The high-quality classic among the sunshades

Large umbrellas IPOMEA® tulip

The large umbrella in funnel shape for stationary use

IPOMEA® Tulip funnel screen is used when weatherproof stationary roofing of large areas is required.

Whether with manual crank drive or with professional electric motor control, whether with remote control, wind monitor or other special requirements such as printing and lighting, there are no limits to your individual needs with this large umbrella .

Discover your options for a new dimension of sun and rain protection in roofing!

The unique IPOMEA® large umbrellas in tulip shape have won several awards and are protected in their design.

They are available in individual sizes from 4×4 meters up to 8×8 meters.

They are particularly suitable for the catering and hotel sector, especially when it comes to efficient roofing of areas such as terraces or outdoor squares.

Through the highest quality and flexibility in production, we guarantee a high-end product tailored to your needs.

Advantages large umbrella

The advantages of the tulip umbrella at a glance

High Tech Material 1

High tech material


No drip edges

Parasol windproof 1









Air circulation


No linkage visible



High quality accessories

IPOMEA® screens are absolutely unique thanks to your extensions.

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Fabrics & colors for funnel umbrellas

At IPOMEA, choose any desired color for your umbrella fabric from all available RAL colors. We can fulfill almost any color request.

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Light for tulip umbrellas

The exclusive LED system allows indirect lighting of the shade. Determine the color of the light by remote control and always provide the right atmosphere.

sonnenschirm-stahl-platten-design 1

Motor for funnel screen

Upon request, IPOMEA can also provide you with funnel screens with reliable motor drive and remote control. The electric control enables automatic opening and closing of the funnel screens.

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Pressure for funnel screen

There are no limits to your design: individual color of your choice, company logos, photo motifs or lettering and patterns. We are also happy to develop complete solutions for your event with you.

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Wind monitor for funnel umbrellas

On request, you can receive a wind measuring system which can be mounted on the screen and which initiates the exact time for closing the system in case of too high wind loads.

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Loudspeaker for funnel screens

Our Bose loudspeaker system ensures perfect sound quality, is absolutely suitable for outdoor use and can be easily hooked into the umbrella frame.

Quality is important to us

Large parasols made in germany

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Heavy duty membrane

The fabric selection uses specially developed membranes that are particularly robust, hard-wearing and B1 fire-resistant. Extreme weather conditions or even heavy loads cannot harm the fabric. PTFE fabrics (glass fiber) can also be processed on request.

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High tech material

IPOMEA® large screens follow the principle of lightweight construction. This means less mass with the same static function. These properties are achieved through modern material-appropriate design and the use of lightweight, modern construction materials. This results in economic and ecological advantages which, among other things, also reduce costs.

sonnenschirm-stahl-platten-design 1

Static calculations

Thanks to close cooperation with leading structural engineers and extensive practical tests, the design and materials always meet the highest standards. In addition, IPOMEA® large umbrellas are tested for continuous loads such as opening and closing or wind and weather loads.

Variable basis

We find the right solution for your large screen

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Base plate flat

A narrow steel plate made of thick, hot-dip galvanized steel forms the basis for the large IPOMEA funnel screens.

The parasol base can be equipped with additional steel weight plates as desired and is thus the flattest, non-static variant, of a parasol mounting. The base plates for our large parasols are available in round and square.

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Plate stand

For your tulip parasol or large parasol, we carry a corresponding range of parasol stands and plate stands. Optionally, we equip your parasol base with a folding sleeve (for easier placement of the parasol), or with a screw-on quiver sleeve.

sonnenschirm-motor-mit-fernbedienung 1

Motor for gastro umbrellas

The elegant solution for any stationary gastro umbrella and large umbrella is certainly still a ground socket for parasols neatly cemented into the ground.

This will determine the exact location of your umbrellas, but also ensure more efficient usability.

With a ground sleeve, you won’t lose any space for your umbrella base!