Easy to install, ViroReed thatch panels are installed as simply as a typical roof shingle.

Viroreed thatch panels

Viroreed is a synthetic thatch made from HDPE. It is a 100% recyclable material that is maintenance-free. Will not rot, mold, or shed! The synthetic material resists termites, birds, and insects that are the common cause of breakdown and failure of natural products.

ViroReed thatch is sought after by Architect, Designer, hospitality, and zoos to create an authentic environment and natural appearance. This 100% waterproof and weatherproof material is ideal for structures such as umbrellas and canopies without a sub-roof, as water is less likely to permeate.



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Virothatch, made from HDPE, offers durable, eco-friendly synthetic thatch. Available in Bali and Java styles, it mimics natural thatch’s appearance with varying tones and textures.


Viroumbrella features built-in fire retardant formulation. This tropical outdoor umbrella with synthetic thatch is rot-resistant, mold-free, and 100% recyclable. Choose from Bali, Java, Reed, and Mexican Rain Cape leaves.
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ViroReed is an easy-to-install synthetic thatch made from HDPE. It’s 100% recyclable, maintenance-free, and resistant to rot, mold, and pests. Ideal for authentic, waterproof, and weatherproof structures.