Beach & pool gazebos






Beach & pool gazebos

The crema outdoor beach gazebo collection is crafted to stylishly furnish any outdoor space, from seaside resorts to hotels and pool areas. This collection embodies our dedication to creating seaside products, leveraging years of experience to design elegant beach gazebos that offer superior comfort and functionality.

Beach gazebos: quality by crema outdoor

The Leucos and Afrodite beach gazebos are expertly designed for seaside facilities aiming to provide guests with spacious relaxation areas. Featuring a varnished aluminum frame, these gazebos are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble.

Leucos is available in various sizes, including a rectangular option of 300×400 cm. This versatile gazebo is ideal for seaside facilities, lounge bars, spas, and VIP areas, offering flexibility in use depending on the chosen furniture. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a modern pool area gazebo. Afrodite, on the other hand, is a daybed equipped with two king-size beds and a practical item holder, ensuring ultimate comfort and convenience.

Customers can personalise the colour of our aluminium gazebo structure, such as the fabric and the accessories:

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beach and pool gazebo

Beach & pool gazebos

Crema Outdoor’s beach gazebos blend style and functionality, designed for seaside, hotel, and pool settings, offering comfort and elegance based on years of experience.
garden and outdoor gazebos

Garden & outdoor gazebos

Crema Outdoor gazebos and Afrodite daybeds enhance patios and hospitality spaces, merging durability, comfort, and elegant design for optimal seasonal outdoor enjoyment.